"That Girl" Goal-setting but we're lazy 😆

Who else feels a bit overwhelmed? This will help

Hi glow getter

How is your day going? Have you been sticking to your New Year resolutions, if you make them?

I started the first week of January with tons of gusto, jogging each day and sticking to my morning routine and journaling practice, but then felt my motivation slowly dip as the weeks went on.

(You know, my goal to become “That girl” in 2024 while also being a lil’ lazy)

I’ll admit, last week I totally dropped the ball and didn’t do any of the things on my vision board 😬

But it’s OK! It’s a new week.

Today I forced myself to get on the treadmill, do some Pilates stretches, and journal, and I do feel better.

How about you?

In case you need some morning routine motivation, check out these awesome morning routine ideas that can set you up for a positive day, every day.

Also, if you are also feeling the end-of-January lag like I am, why not give yourself some TLC? These affordable self-care ideas have you covered.

And finally, if your goal is to start a passive income business this year these resources are for you:

  • Here are the top passive income business ideas to try in 2024 (lazy-girl approved!)

  • I can also recommend that you read “How to quit your 9-5” It’s a must-read if you’ve ever dreamed of quitting the workforce so you can earn a better living, from home as your own boss.

Your glow up happens here. Have a wonderful week,

~ Melissa + Ava

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