Money habits of women who are never broke and more

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How are you today? Welcome to your glow-up roundup. Here’s the feel-good resources I have for you today ❤️ 

#1: Have you ever considered how past life regression therapy can improve your current life?

If you ever feel like you’re carrying the weight of a thousand lifetimes, exploring past life regression therapy can be incredible. Or maybe you’re curious about the echoes of the past that seem to shape your present?

From healing deep-seated traumas to unlocking your full potential, get ready to discover the keys to a more balanced, fulfilled, and vibrant life.

#2: Money Habits Of Women Who Are Never Broke

To be successful at anything, you have to start with the right mindset. It isn’t easy to move forward without this one thing.

Women with good financial direction have the attitude that things will work out well for them and they will have what they need, and they also work hard to make sure that their reality matches up with their mindset.

So how do you embody this mindset?

#3: Sustainable And Stylish Maternity Brands

Baby on board? There’s no need to skip your style or miss out on cozy sustainable organic cotton clothing! Whether you are shopping for an expecting friend or expecting yourself, these eco-friendly maternity styles are a big hit!

And lastly, The Life Glow Up Planner is now available!

The Life Glow Up Planner is perfect for you if you need to get more organized, set and achieve goals, stick to your journaling practice, and give your life an upgrade.

It’s a complete digital dashboard to organize every element of your life, including:

  • Vision boards

  • Morning routines, evening routines, Sunday resets

  • Daily to-do lists,

  • Yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly goals,

  • Big affirmations library

  • Journal prompts

  • Gratitude journals, dream Journals

  • Habit Tracker

  • Fitness + meditation tracker + video library

  • Skincare routine + skincare inventory (so you always use up your products before they expire!)

  • plus a meal planner packed with plant-based recipes!

Map out a complete vision board for your year, to discover your best self with this guided life planner.

~ Melissa + Ava

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