When you need a fresh start, try this

Hey glow getter

How are you today? Do you ever feel a bit bogged down by all of your responsibilities? Ever feel bored and overwhelmed at the same time?

When things start to feel this way, it can be really refreshing to shake things up a bit.

Sometimes, just changing your routine or trying something new can make a big difference.

Could take a walk in a different neighborhood? Try a new hobby? Or even just rearrange your furniture? Little changes like these can help you see things from a new perspective and bring a sense of excitement back into your day-to-day life.

  • Or maybe it is time to book a trip and see some new sights (if that’s you, check out these stylish and cozy travel outfits made from organic cotton, that are perfect for wearing on an overnight flight!).

  • Organic cotton has a high frequency, which improves your mood, too.

If you are nodding your head ‘yes that’s me right now’ and this resonates with you, I invite you to visit our blog today because we are talking about how you can perform a cord-cutting ritual, to give yourself a fresh start.

Cord-cutting rituals are a simple, yet powerful visual practices that are designed to help you release the ties of past relationships, situations, or burdens that no longer serve you. It’s perfect for anyone yearning to start fresh and embrace a lighter, more positive future.

It doens’t cost you a thing and you can do it right now, from the comfort of home.

Whether you’re seeking closure, healing, or just a sense of renewed freedom, get ready to discover how a cord-cutting visualization can be your gateway to a more joyful and unburdened life.

And lastly, The Life Glow Up Planner is now available!

The Life Glow Up Planner is perfect for you if you need to get more organized, set and achieve goals, stick to your journaling practice, and give your life an upgrade.

It’s a complete digital dashboard to organize every element of your life, including:

  • Vision boards

  • Morning routines, evening routines, Sunday resets

  • Daily to-do lists,

  • Yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly goals,

  • Big affirmations library

  • Journal prompts

  • Gratitude journals, dream Journals

  • Habit Tracker

  • Fitness + meditation tracker + video library

  • Skincare routine + skincare inventory (so you always use up your products before they expire!)

  • plus a meal planner packed with plant-based recipes!

Map out a complete vision board for your year, to discover your best self with this guided life planner.

~ Melissa + Ava